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Rocketmat is an Artificial Intelligence company using Machine Learning to enable Human Resources and Talent Management teams to do more for your company. Our proprietary algorithm automates candidate-job matching, predicting cultural fit, future tenure and performance of candidates – internal and external – while eliminating adverse impact risk.

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How it works

We recommend the best-fit candidates in real time using Artificial Intelligence.
Our science behind Matthew®

Matthew® is our proprietary AI algorithm using Machine Learning to perform cognitive functions, like the human mind. Matthew® discovers what it takes to be successful in your company and accurately predicts future performance of candidates. Because it is true Machine Learning, Matthew® continues to learn along time, getting smarter and faster every day it is running in your company.

The secret behind Matthew® is its ability to analyze a huge number of characteristics of current and past employees of a company, as well as their performance indicators. Based on this data, we build complex mathematical equations that determine all the high-performance profiles within the organization.

To process this massive amount of data, we developed a cutting-edge architecture infrastructure using AWS applications. We are an AWS global partner and reference in Machine Learning solutions.

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What’s in for me?

True artificial intelligence creating value for your business.
Better Hires
Accurate, scientific, unbiased recommendation of candidates who are the best match to your company and to each opening, hence more productive.
Recruiter Efficiency
Automated, consistent screening of candidates for features that drive performance in your company, reducing number of interviews and time to fill. Free up time for recruiters to do more sourcing and selling the job to candidates.
Avoid Adverse Impact
We do not use PII from candidates. We apply Feature Engineering to eliminate any possible bias.
Easy to Start
Fast implementation, up to four weeks. Out of the box, SaaS solution. Integrates with any ATS, HCM through our API.
One of the most common mistakes about the adoption of Artificial Intelligence in companies is to believe it will replace humans. Of course, Robotics applications usually tend to eliminate the need for human interaction 100% of the time. However, most AI applications exist to assist humans in tasks involving decision making.
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