Embed scale.

What if you could take the top skill set of your most successful senior recruiters and turn it into a company-wide lever to speed the success of every search? 

With Rocketmat, you can. 

It’s the AI-powered custom plugin that saves recruiters from drowning in applicants by ranking best-fit candidates on every search, right inside the HR platform they use every day.

Proven Results with Rocketmat

Reduction in time-to-fill
Reduction in number of interviews
Reduction in pre-screening time
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Leverage true AI that empowers HR professionals to do their best work

Rocketmat uses AI to give every recruiter on your team a competitive advantage in attracting, managing and hiring candidates.
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Make every recruiter a top performer 

Rocketmat captures the decision-making expertise that led to great hires in your company and makes it accessible in one click, so that EVERY recruiter can start the applicant review process knowing which candidates are the best fit.

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Hire the right candidate in less time 

Don’t waste your recruiters’ time: let AI do the shortlisting from your entire population of applicants, so your company can respond and engage with the best candidates, hire the right person, and close searches faster.

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Preserve culture while you scale 

Rocketmat ensures you build on past hiring successes and avoid hiring candidates that are likely to underperform or leave because of misalignment with your unique culture.

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Attract and hire higher quality candidates as you grow

By analysing your hiring trends, job performance and tenure, Rocketmat gets better at matching candidates with every search, It also builds insight that you can use at the outset of every search to optimize advertising to the best candidate personas.

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Fill roles faster

Rocketmat helps you reduce the time to fill by 27% on average, so that HR solves searches faster and better serves hiring managers and business units.

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Never miss out on your next best candidate

Rocketmat scores and ranks 100% of applicants for every job, so that the sheer volume of applicants will never stop a recruiter from missing out on the best potential fit.

See how it works in your ATS environment

Rocketmat is the AI-powered custom plugin that saves recruiters from drowning in applicants by ranking best-fit candidates for every job opening, right inside the ATS system they use every day. Whether you’re running Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, Bullhorn, GreenHouse or any other platform, Rocketmat can rank best-fit candidates right inside your ATS. With no interruption to your workflow.

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Reduce hiring bias and Improve diversity

Our AI enables each candidate to be matched based on their job experiences to date, and their qualifications for the role, so that all candidates are provided a fair and equitable evaluation. It does use any Personal Identifiable Information such as the name, diversity profile, location, in the matching process. (depending on the clients job requirements).

We have a team of experts in AI bias to monitor and train our client’s algorithms. We feel the most important component of mitigating bias is to identify and eliminate the bias data from the beginning of the process – this way the AI does not learn from past discrepancies. To further mitigate these biases, diversity data regarding the candidates can be added into the AI/ML validation process to act as a further audit. Of course, the recruiter is still the final decision maker, the AI will only recommend and rank candidates during the process.

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