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Rocketmat is an Artificial Intelligence company using Machine Learning to enable Human Resources and Talent Management teams to do more for your company. Today, most HR departments are using time-consuming processes such as searching databases and new job applications to fill positions. Our proprietary algorithm, along with historical application data can accurately identify how well your candidates match the job applied.  Rocketmat predicts cultural fit, future tenure and performance – internal and external – while eliminating adverse impact risk.

our core values

High Performance
Bias Mitigation
Low Cost
Security & Compliance


Adopt the solutions that make the most sense for your business
Hiring Profiles
High accurate Identification of how well a prospective employee matches a job position in relation to their resume and ATS information.
Success Profiles
Rocketmat can predict a candidate's culture fit and future performance.
Talent Management
Our algorithms help decisions in the management level considering the time to retain, promote and train your current employees.


our solutions are segmented in four applications:
  • Recommender System
    Automated, real-time ranking of candidates with the best recommendation for job positions (internal and external). We also can re-use candidates within your database through automated matching to new openings.
  • Smart Advertising Spend
    Map which sources drive the best candidates with potential to succeed in your company, improving your job advertisement ROI.
  • Spectrum
    A comprehensive mapping of your organization's set of characteristics, behaviors and performance, and its development throughout the evolution of the company.
  • Smart Manager
    Mapping and display of Talent Management processes, indicating employees with high-potential or at flight risk, triggering decisions related to retention, promotion and training.

Proven Results

What’s in it for me?

True artificial intelligence creating value for your business.
Better Hires
Accurate, scientific, unbiased recommendation of candidates who are the best match to your company and to each opening, hence more productive.
Recruiter Efficiency
Automated, consistent screening of candidates for features that drive performance in your company, reducing number of interviews and time to fill.
Avoid Adverse Impact
We do not use PII from candidates. We apply Feature Engineering to eliminate any possible bias.
Easy to Start
Fast implementation, up to four weeks. Out of the box, SaaS solution. Integrates with any ATS, HCM through our API.

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