Why our AI

Rocketmat is an Artificial Intelligence think-tank, and solutions organization, that uses Machine Learning to enable your Human Resources and Talent Acquisition teams act fast and decisively in the hunt for talent. Most HR Departments today use time-consuming processes, such as manually searching databases and reviewing resumes, to find the right candidates. Our proprietary algorithms and specialized role & persona based turnkey models are coupled with your historical hiring and performance  data to accurately identify how well a candidate matches the job they applied to.  Rocketmat AI predicts role & cultural fit and future tenure & performance, all but eliminating adverse impact risk.

major techniques of artificial intelligence used in our solutions

Machine Learning . Deep Learning . Natural Language Processing . Cross-lingual sentence embedding . Long short-term memory.

our mission

To help organizations of all sizes reap the benefits of true AI and redefine how they shortlist, select, and hire,

the best talent today to propel themselves to further success in the future.



Enable all HR functions with the power of True AI.

Improve quality of candidates and hires.

Increase speed, accuracy and lower cost of hiring.

Leverage AI to help screen candidates in and not out. Good fit and happy new hires lead to successful organizations.


Our Solution

Augment your HR solutions with the power of true AI technology.


Talent Management

  • Spectrum
    Connecting all the dots for better, easier, and more effective talent management. Our algorithms enable both strategic and tactical unbiased decisions at all levels of leadership with key findings that only AI can uncover on your current employee base, such as: which employees to retain, promote, or train, all in an easy to understand and effective presentation layer.

Platform Embedded

  • Unbiased AI Match & Analysis
    We love to partner and share our love for true AI in the HCM Solutions ecosystem. Other software platforms can easily leverage the Rocketmat AI technology as an embedded feature to match candidates to jobs or jobs to candidates, improve their search tools, and enhance their data analysis. We are open and live

Proven Results

What’s in it for me?

True artificial intelligence creating value for your business.
Better Hires
Increase Productivity
Drive higher productivity through accurate, scientific, unbiased recommendations of the best matched candidates for your company and for each role specifically.
Recruiter Efficiency
Save Time & Costs
Automate and add consistency to the screening of candidates for features that drive performance in your company, reducing number of interviews and time to fill.
Avoid Adverse Impact
Stay compliant
Rocketmat does not use PII from candidates to build our models. We also apply Feature Engineering to eliminate any possible bias.
Easy to Start
Faster time to value
Fast implementations, up to four weeks. Tailored and Turnkey SaaS solutions. Open and Integrated with any ATS, HCM through our API.

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