rocket + [mat] = rocketmat

rocket (galaxy as the limit) + mat (matrices: a common mathematical arrangement used in AI algorithms) = rocketmat

The journey to launch our rocket

Our history starts in early 2017, when co-founders were working in separate teams – Jason and Pedro in the US, Paulo and Tiago in Brazil – investigating how to use Machine Learning to address opportunities in HR: making hiring decisions better, more dynamic and accurate, while maximizing the use of the candidate pipeline. The idea of what is Matthew today owes its creation mostly to Paulo’s PhD thesis: how to translate human behaviors into data in order to design and run algorithms in a Machine Learning model. Paulo and Tiago engaged in a project to validate the thesis, a Brazilian company with 25,000 employees struggling to reduce turnover and make the hiring process faster and more accurate. Soon enough, our four co-founders were introduced by a mentor, and joined forces to fully prove the concept, productize it and bring it to the US market. Since then our rocket has gained a robust structure to launch into an amazing journey, making the future a reality now!

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Our Vision

Our vision is an IT company that is a reference in artificial intelligence, providing disruptive technology that creates value to our clients, partners and investors.


Culture and lifestyle
We love technology! To make innovation possible, we dive into researching advanced AI models, data science, neuroscience, human behaviors and the best practices in information security. To support our IT infrastructure, we use AWS solutions in the cutting edge of IT architecture, in order to run highly advanced algorithms worldwide. To make all it all possible, we built an amazing R&D infrastructure based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil where our IT team is located. Our internal environment is challenging and results-oriented, also friendly and fun. Making mistakes is a part of our learning process and for that one wins our “poopy” (our fun plush emoji 💩) prize and holds on to it until the next blooper. We are passionate about coffee and lucky to enjoy one of the best brews in the world every single day directly from South Minas coffee farms. Sports are part of our competitive outset: in Brazil we’re soccer fans of Cruzeiro (but not prejudiced, we respect other teams) and in the US we cheer for SEC’s “Bama” football, influenced by a co-founder’s love for his alma mater. We can’t forget music: jazz, blues and metal rock are in our daily playlists.

Our motto is "one team, one dream"

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Our Team

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Jason Gillespie
Chief Executive Officer
Team member
Tiago Machado
Chief Product Officer
Team member
Paulo Nascimento
Chief Technology Officer
Team member
Pedro Lombardo
Chief Evangelist
Team member
Bernardino Ferreira
Software Engineer Leader
Team member
Daniel Ozelami
IT and Project Management Leader
Team member
Gustavo Coelho
Data Scientist Leader
Team member
Patrícia Martins
Data Scientist and Statistical
Team member
Leandro Ferreira
Data Scientist and Machine Learning

R&D Center

Belo Horizonte . Brazil
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We were speakers on AWS Summit São Paulo . Brazil . jun/2018