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AI Startup Rocketmat to be utilized to help hire 800 healthcare professionals for Covid-19 Field Hospital initiative at the Ibirapuera Sports Complex

By Carolina Ingizza,

April 16, 2020

Building a field hospital to help with the new coronavirus crisis requires countless efforts. When Governor João Doria announced on April 7 that he would build a hospital in Ibirapuera’s sports complex by May 1, a task force was needed not only to set up the structure but also to hire an estimated 800 healthcare professionals that will work at the site.

The company chosen to aid this initiative with the hiring process is the US-Brazilian AI startup Rocketmat. This is in addition to the technology startup’s most recent hiring support success with a world-renown healthcare provider, Albert Einstein Israeli Hospital where they are helping them fill 1,426 vacancies. Rocketmat specializes in using artificial intelligence to help HR teams with quickly analyzing and matching candidates for both highly specialized or large volume hiring processes. In addition, their proprietary AI technology is being utilized with their clients to help with talent management and workforce planning initiatives. Rocketmat was founded in 2017 by partners Paulo Nascimento, Tiago Machado, and Pedro Lombardo.

Rocketmat’s AI solution is able to process and analyze mass amounts of candidate application data with a precision matches in a short amount of time. In the case of Albert Einstein Hosptial, initially, approximately 10,000 candidates were analyzed for 150 healthcare vacancies due to the demand of the recent COVID pandemic. The recruitment process for the hospital would normally take 30 days, was reduced to 5 days due to the speed and quality of the candidate data processed by Rocketmat. 

“We are able to provide the hospital with the best-fit candidates in a very short time period to accelerate the hiring process. More importantly, our technology reviews each and every candidate by leveraging an unbias process, this ensures all candidates have an equal initial evaluation,” says Machado. 

The AI solution is customized for each client to provide the highest precision in the candidate match leveraged by the recruiters. In the case with Albert Einstein, Rocketmat leveraged their AI algorithms to analyze all 10,000 resumes in a 24 hr period. The results were then provided to the hospital’s recruitment team to complete the hiring process focusing on the highest % matched candidates first.

 “The artificial intelligence does not replace the job of the recruiter, it essentially speeds up the process of the initial review of the resumes. This enables the HR professional to focus on communicating with the best-matched candidates faster and earlier in the process. The system makes recommendations through a % match score. It does not make the final hiring decision. Our AI also has the ability to evolve when the recruitment selection process or strategy evolves. The solution consistently validates its recommendation against which candidate is finally selected to move on in the process. As the managers make decisions or adjustments to the hiring target, the algorithm learns and evolves with their business and hiring needs” says Machado.

“Our goal is to provide the human resources teams with tools and solutions to allow them to improve efficiencies in their job and to allow them to make assertive data-based decisions. The financial markets have had tools like this for ten plus years, now it’s time for HR ”, says Machado.

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About Rocketmat: 

Rocketmat was founded in 2017, combining the partners’ experience in artificial intelligence and human resources management. After proving the product in the Brazilian market, the founders decided to launch into the North American market and moved the company’s headquarters to Dallas, Texas, USA. The company now has additional offices in Toronto, Canada, and two additional locations in Brazil, one in Belo Horizonte and another in São Paulo. The company was launched from the beginning to be leveraged internationally as the data processing is done entirely in the Amazon cloud. In addition, the product’s algorithm was programmed to learn to work in multiple languages and is currently available in English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish. Outside of Brazil, the AI company has customers in eight countries. The products by the firm are not limited to selection processes. They are currently providing solutions for companies to organize internal training, talent management analysis, workforce development, worker safety, and engagement programs.

Any questions regarding how your company can leverage Rocketmat’s cutting edge HR technology please contact:  North America / Europe – Chris Grosjean, VP AI HR Solutions and Partnerships, chris@rocketmat.comLatin American – Tiago Machado, Co-Founder, Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer

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