Rocketmat Compliance

We are following the best practices according with GDPR


Rocketmat has developed its privacy policy in order to clarify to its customers and to whom more is applied, how is acquisition process, storage, processing, retrieval and data disposal is in compliance with the new GDPR privacy policies.

What GDPR means?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was created and voted in 2016, entered into force on 25th May, 2018 and aims to protect the European citizens/residents data integrity. The new rules either provides to them, the possibility to manage, migrate, edit or delete his/her personal data from any platform. The company in a non-compliance with the new law terms, may be punished and pay high fines.

Data storage, data maintenance and data holder responsibility

All data transferred to Rocketmat are under the customer’s custody and therefore  their responsibility to storage, to manage and protect the data physical integrity. It is important to underline that, since these systems aims to publish job vacancies, it is up to the client the responsibility to manage this information type and uses their respective platform (s) or tool (s) once Rocketmat is out of scope limitations. The Rocketmat products and services are limited only for predictions results, as described and detailed in the following section.

What kind of data the Rocketmat is able to work?

The Rocketmat inc. offers to its clients prediction services that indicates potential candidates for a job open vacancy or, the recommendation of this candidate to another equivalent open position where their professional characteristics percentages and personal aspirations shows up compatible fit to the vacancy. The predictions returned by Rocketmat are combination of processed data and executed on artificial intelligence algorithms that analyzes different historical data mass patterns in order to produce results that are totally independent and unlinked from personal data.

How does Rocketmat obtain and process the customer data?

As part of its business, Rocketmat has developed APIs in order to allow each customer to transfer their workers data which are used for the mathematical model (s) training. These models are used for candidates job match prediction who applied for a system open job position.

It is important to underline that, Rocketmat does not request any data that identifies any person and therefore, only data with professional, cultural or behavioral characteristics are requested. By convention, we refer to these data as “anonymous data” since, they do not allow a connection to any person. Thus, belongs to the customers the responsibility to present to their respective end clients their data privacy terms, once their company established a direct connection with their consumers when collecting information at their platform.

Regarding the Rocketmat APIs, even if the client tries to pass not appropriate fields (which violates the anonymity principle), they are automatically denied by the APIs from technical limitations that inhibit and limit this type of action, ensuring that only anonymous data are processed. In case of non-compliance with the rule and this basic principle, Rocketmat automatically discards this record (s) and notifies its client about the protocol break signed by the parties under warning penalty, contract termination or a fine.

What is it an API?

An API is a set of routines and programming standards that allows a software application access or web-based platform by an interface. The acronym API means  Application Programming Interface.In other words, it is the input or output gate that promotes integration between different systems. During the API development, all safety protocols have been serviced according to the best and most modern practices on the I.T. market.

How does a customer retrieve information from their candidates after receiving the predictions?

About the Rocketmat process, which maintains the data in an anonymous and decoupled state of demographic data, was used a logical mechanisms that keeps the data linked by an ID. In general terms, when receiving an anonymous record transferred by Rocketmat’s customer to Rocketmat systems, for each record an ID (identifier) is attached. Therefore, when this record is processed in our system, it is instantly associated with a second identifier (at this turn, a Rocketmat ID) generated in our database.

Thus, when returning to a customer predictions for a given record, the customer will be able to restore demographic data (according to its desires), for the record simply using its own database identifier as the key. Therefore, it is not necessary to transfer data to Rocketmat with demographic information which we consider to be confidential. Rocketmat does not use any technology for the tracking or data acquisition such as cookies, etc. Rocketmat does not cross, pass on or sell information to third parties, always establishing its connection and communication directly with its clients in the first level.

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Rocketmat is proud and pleasant to always show its transparency in its services excellence, and it is open in order to clarify any doubts. For more information about GDPR services compliance.