What’s In For Me?

True artificial intelligence generating value to your business.
  • Better Hires
    Consistent selection process; New Hires are: more productive, better fit.
  • Recruiter Efficiency
    Reduce number of interviews and time to fill; Less screening more sourcing & selling.
  • Bottom Line
    Reduce New Hire Turnover; Reuse Existing Candidates; Invest in Highest Quality Sources.
  • Easy to Start
    Out of the box SaaS solution; Integrates with any ATS, HCM; Low-cost.

How it Works

We recommend the best candidates in real time using Artificial Intelligence.
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Ways rocketmat can Help

  • Intelligent Screening
    Real time ranking of candidates most likely to be top performers in a position.
  • Recommender System
    Recommendation of jobs where individual will be top performer.
  • Re-discover and Re-engage
    Easily identify top performer for a job from existing candidates in database.
  • Smart Advertising Spend
    See which sources are providing the best candidates with potential to succeed in your company.
Rocketmat works from apply and job data captured in apply process. No changes to your current process. 

Users can access results in UI or use our API to pull analysis data into ATS.

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Our AI algorithm

Matthew is our proprietary AI algorithm that uses Machine Learning to perform cognitive functions like the human mind. Matthew discovers what it takes to be successful in your company and accurately predicts the future performance of your  candidates. Because it is true Machine Learning, Matthew continues learning, getting smarter and faster everyday it is running in your company.

Some people call this artificial intelligence, but the reality is this technology will enhance us. So instead of artificial intelligence, i think we’ll augment our intelligence.

Ginni Rometty

Partners and Clients

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Our Team

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Jason Gillespie
Chief Executive Officer
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Tiago Machado
Chief Product Officer
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Paulo Nascimento
Chief Technology Officer
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Pedro Lombardo
Chief Evangelist

R&D Center

Belo Horizonte . Brazil
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AWS Summit São Paulo . Brazil
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